At LittlePod we sell high-quality vanilla and chocolate ingredients at an affordable price. We're a UK company based in East Devon and our speciality is natural Madagascan vanilla paste in a tube.


Hints & recipe ideas

  • Tiramisu

    Gentian's Tiramisu with chocolate extract

    A great favourite: easier to make and lighter to eat using our own chocolate extract!

  • Honey & Vanilla Glazed Salmon

    A light and healthy fish dish, perfect for a Friday supper. Add a little chilli for an added depth ( the vanilla works well to round the spice.)

  • Very Vanilla Shortbread

    These may look like your average Joe shortbread squares, but if you look closely you can see the little specks of black gold (vanilla!) proving that they are infused with LittlePod vanilla paste. We take these to shows and demos and everyone is always after the recipe...so here it is!


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