At LittlePod we sell high-quality vanilla and chocolate ingredients at an affordable price. We're a UK company based in East Devon and our speciality is natural Madagascan vanilla paste in a tube.


Hints & recipe ideas

  • Annabel's Real Vanilla Ice Cream

    It’s the unparalleled smooth, unctuous and velvety consistency of this ice cream that makes it so compellingly addictive, heady with the scent of top quality vanilla, and a world apart from bought ice-cream. It is quite unlike custard-based ice creams in texture. It’s also very quick and easy to make, needing no ice cream machine, nor any stirring mid-freezing, and can be made and frozen in the same bowl saving time on washing up. Being very soft set, it can also be ever at-the-ready as it needs no advance time out of the freezer before serving and can be scooped out immediately, very useful and one less thing to have to think about! It melts faster than most ice creams though, so put it in back in the freezer in between first and second helpings of pudding! This makes a great dinner party pudding served upturned on a smart plate with sparklers and drizzled with Pedro Ximenez, rich chocolate sauce or a fruit compote. You can also add anything you like to this umbrella recipe mixture when you stir in the vanilla: shards of honeycomb, elderflower cordial and gooseberry compote, crushed pistachio meringues and Kirsch soaked Morello cherries, stem ginger and dark chocolate chunks in syrup, Armagnac-soaked prunes, swirls of homemade marmalade or lemon curd, a shot of espresso, swirls of raspberry, blackberry or mango coulis... Or use cream infused with cardamom or mint leaves, for example. Although anything with a high water content, such as fruit, will form small ice crystals and alter the scoopability!

    Makes 1 pint, which feeds 6 as a pudding or 12 if the ice cream is accompanying something else decadent! The recipe doubles up perfectly.

  • White Chocolate & Ginger Cookies

    On a mission to find the ultimate cookie, blogger and LittlePod Fleur tried out some LittlePod vanilla paste in Gizzi Erskines white chocolate and ginger cookies, and upped the ginger a little too. We think they're the perfect crispy-edged, chewy centred cookies, made extra delicious by a generous squidge of LittlePod vanilla paste. So why not give this recipe a try and see for yourself...are these the perfect cookies? We'd love to know what u think!

  • Lavender & vanilla scones

    Enjoy these fragrant scones for afternoon tea.