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"Is there vanilla sponge still for tea?"

Here at LittlePod there is always vanilla sponge for tea. We love the world’s favourite flavour and source the best vanilla.

LittlePod is not just about vanilla. We also source other ingredients from the rainforest and our extracts of coffee, chocolate and vanilla make for perfect flavour partners in the kitchen.

Our innovative natural vanilla paste in a tube makes it easier than ever to use real vanilla every day! However after a decade of dedication we now sell our own single-estate vanilla pods directly from the LittlePod orchard as well.

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If you choose to use real vanilla then you will make a difference to our world.

LittlePod launched in 2010 with our Campaign for Real Vanilla. Why? Because the consensus was that we could lose real vanilla within a generation if we didn’t act immediately.

In the West, 97% of all vanillin used is artificial. LittlePod was launched to educate consumers and encourage vanilla farmers to keep producing real vanilla thereby helping to regenerate the fragile rainforests, to the benefit of us all.

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We are a glocal company, with littlePodders all over the world... as these stories show.

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"Convenience, quality and affordability combined … it’s a no brainer."

Jamie Raftery, The Holistic Chef

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