LittlePod Alumni


Joe – Operations Manager

My name is Joe Mann and I am very proud to be part of the team here in East Devon, UK. My love of LittlePod began several years ago when I started using LittlePod Madagascan Vanilla Pods, Paste and Extract in my own cookery school business, and telling the real vanilla bean story at events and demonstrations around the country. I became enthused with the many uses of this magic ingredient, experimenting with it in a whole host of sweet and savoury dishes. I am now delighted to be stepping into this new role at a time when the company has just celebrated 5 years of success, testament to the hard work of the LittlePod Team. 


Sam – Operations and Finance Manager

Having been a visitor to LittlePod HQ on a number of occasions and a friend of Tom, I have been able to watch from afar as LittlePod has grown from an initial concept to the exciting and international brand that it is today. In early January 2013 I was given the opportunity to take up a more active role in the business, when Janet offered me the position of Production Coordinator. My favourite recipe would be chocolate brownies using LittlePod chocolate and vanilla extract: by adding around a teaspoon of chocolate and vanilla extract into melted chocolate when making a brownie mix, you get brownies that taste a whole lot better than the traditional cocoa powder recipes.

Peter management accountant

Peter – Management Accountant

My favourite LittlePod product is the natural vanilla paste, but I also use the chocolate and coffee extracts a lot too. My most frequently made recipes include my chocolate and cherry bread (the LittlePod team can vouch for this one!), my brother's chocolate muffins and my wife's cappuccino gelato.

Tom Edwards

Tom – Creative

The first time I heard about the company that would go on to become LittlePod was the summer of 2009. Having just finished a shift at work, I popped over to Janet’s house to say hello and have a cuppa. With trademark enthusiasm, she told me of her plans to start a company selling vanilla products in the UK and showed me some samples. I was very impressed by the idea, and asked whether she needed any help with branding or advertising. After a few sketches and brainstorming sessions, I came up with a company name, brand ethos and logo, which got Janet’s stamp of approval. Now, LittlePod has grown into an expanding, exciting and, most importantly, ethical company. My best LittlePod memory is the time when Janet gifted me, Sam and a couple of our mates some early versions of LittlePod Vanilla Beer for "testing" at a festival. Needless to say: the results were overwhelmingly positive. My favourite LittlePod product is (unsurprisingly) the beer!


Harriet – Creative

I was a designer for LittlePod, working on a variety of different projects from event stand posters to packaging for the vanilla beer. I once even also created decorations from packaging at an event! I loved working with Janet and the LittlePod family as they are so positive and excited about what they're creating. Designing the label for the beer was a real highlight and it's great seeing how well it's been doing in the market.

Aisha Stenning

Aisha - Sales & Marketing

I did sales and marketing when LittlePod was just a start-up. There was always a real buzz from doing something different everyday and seeing Janet’s fantastic and ambitious vision materialise for LittlePod.

Clara Milstead_admin_marketing_coordinator

Clara -  Administrative Co-ordinator

When I left University I was very unsure what I should do. I didn't know what I wanted to 'be' and I was not keen to commit to a full time role because I was scared that I may not like it. All I knew was that I did not want to work in a large, corporate company. Despite these being very vague criteria, they came together perfectly when I found LittlePod through the two month UWE Graduate scheme. I found a small, growing company with lots of potential, the opportunity to test out a variety of roles, and a time scale which was not daunting. Now, over a year on, I have had more experience in business than any big name company could have offered me, I feel like I have so much input on a day to day basis, and there is still so much to learn and explore