“I love LittlePod vanilla, I always use your vanilla bean paste in my bakes.” - 'Great British Bake Off' 2014 contestant (youngest Great British Bake Off contestant), Martha Collinson

Wow you have wonderful products. I love your branding and so thrilled to hear how well it is going for you. Wishing you every success.”  - Mary Berry, cook and judge on BBC1's 'Great British Bake Off' 


Yotam Ottolenghi

Nationally renowned chef and food columnist Yotam Ottolenghi owns several London restaurants, has co-authored two major cookery books and aired his first series of cookery programmes on Channel 4

So we're honoured that he’s a big LittlePod fan! He says: “The LittlePod products are fantastic...they look and smell great. I have tested the vanilla paste and it is lovely.”

About our Natural Vanilla Paste, he says: "Can't tell you how good this vanilla is" and to prove it, he it in his online store

Manju Malhi

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Manju is a TV chef and cookery book author who specialises in British-Indian fusion cuisine. Manju uses lots of spices in her cooking, and finds that vanilla lifts and rounds out the flavours in her Indian dishes.

Patricia Rain

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Sustainability expert, Patricia Rain was crowned 'Vanilla Queen' by the vanilla growers themselves, having worked tirelessly on their behalf to broker a fair deal. She says:  “The story of LittlePod has the makings of a feel-good film in which local, everyday people pool their hopes, dreams and talents together to create a wildly successful business based on social consciousness and opportunities for local youth in a small town setting. What could be better, especially with the inclusion of pure vanilla? After all, vanilla is the world's favourite flavour and fragrance. LittlePod has my wholehearted endorsement and support!!"

Patisserie Valerie

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Janet first met Leonel Gouveia, Executive Chef of Patisserie Valerie and his lovely wife, Maissa, at her first outing to the Speciality and Fine Food Fair in September 2010, since when, Patisserie Valerie are now using LittlePod's Madagascan Vanilla extract in their cakes and pastries!

Leonel calls LittlePod Vanilla extract, "The Cherry on top of the cake"

The Exploding Bakery

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A great contemporary wholesale bakery on Queen Street in the centre of Exeter. Passionate about good quality ingredients, Oliver says: "At the Exploding Bakery we love LittlePod vanilla extract, it gives our cakes powerful flavour and that distinctive aroma, which you can only get from vanilla extract. Anyone caught using vanilla essence should be shot, no, they should be forced to drink the horrible stuff, then shot."

Cherry Blossom Cakes

Bespoke cakes and cupcakes for every occassion, and based locally in Exeter! Take a look at the beautiful creations on Cherry Blossom Cakes' charming website. LittlePod is very proud to be a key ingredient! Yvonne, says: “My LittlePod vanilla paste and extract are my favourite products to use! It really is a fantastic product.”

The Pure Package

Pure Package

Helping LittlePod reach the stars with their fantastic freshly prepared food delivery service. Pure Package founder, Jennifer Irvine has just brought out a book: The Diet for Food Lovers, which we are big fans of (...and it recommends LittlePod
vanilla paste!)

Jamie Raftery

Jamie Raftery

Former head chef at The Castle Hotel in Taunton, and Lower Slaughter Manor in the Cotswolds, here's what Jamie said when we asked him to sum up his thoughts on our vanilla paste: Convenience, quality and affordability combined…it’s a no brainer” 

“We find ourselves using LittlePod’s first-class paste and extracts almost daily for our discerning clients, who rave about the food and demand to know what we’ve done differently! We are pleased to support socially responsible companies like LittlePod, whose products are unparalleled in quality and with unbelievable flavour – perfect for Cucumber Food Design’s charity, private and corporate events, parties and weddings.” - Annabel Heron, Cucumber Food Design -- see here for Annabel's Real Vanilla Ice-cream recipe