There’s more to filling tubes than you think!

As demonstrated in our video at Food Matters Live, there is more to filling tubes than you might think! Olly and I were talking to members of the public about this on the first day of Christmas (or near enough!) when we set up shop at the Magdalen Road Christmas Fair. With a table full of LittlePod goodies, and the yuletide cheer vibrant in the air we had a wonderfully festive afternoon.

People absolutely loved trying the LittlePod Vanilla Paste and our Beer, and our Christmas gift packs almost sold themselves! 

Ollie & Austin at the Magdalen Road Christmas Fair

We were asked question such as “can you use the vanilla paste in recipes other than sweet things?”, to which we replied of course! You can go and find numerous recipes on our website, including savoury treats such as Honey and Vanilla Glazed Salmon and Vanilla Risotto with Butternut Squash.

People were also very keen to know about our vanilla farmer Made and how he’s getting on. You can click here to learn more about Made!

We’re coming to the end of a simply astounding year at LittlePod, where awards and dinners have appeared left right and centre, and we’re left feeling very thankful at LittlePod HQ this Christmas.

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From all of us at LittlePod, have a very merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

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