Sending Laura off to the lab

Laura leaving (portrait)

On Laura’s last day at LittlePod (and also her Birthday!), we sat down with her and had a chat about her time with us (over cake).

What was your first day at LittlePod like?

I think it was the beginning of June, and I was helping to put the pods into their cardboard sleeves. I got a chance to meet everyone and they were all so lovely, it felt like a very small community.

Why LittlePod?

I currently study Food Science & Technology at Cardiff Met University, and LittlePod’s food production interested me, as it links into my course. Microbiological food testing is what I aim to go into when I graduate, so this experience plus the two weeks Janet has lined up for me working in the lab are really perfect for me.

What has been your favourite part of working at LittlePod?

The people – everyone is really nice, and the whole message with real vanilla is very important, so being a part of that has been brilliant.

And the smell, obviously.

What about your least favourite part?

That I’m only part-time!

What’s your favourite LittlePod product?

The paste, I use it all the time! The other day I made salmon, and glazed it with the paste - I’d thoroughly recommend it.

So what’s next?

I’m off to Knight Scientific in Plymouth for two weeks lab work and then I go back to University in September for my second year. I need to find a 12 month placement for third year, so I’m hoping to get into food production, HACCP or lab work to do with food.

Any departing words?

LittlePod has been a great place to start off in my journey through the food industry, and I look forward to coming back to visit soon!