Meet our LittlePod alumnus: Harriet


What did you do at LittlePod?

I was a designer for LittlePod, working on a variety of different projects from event stand posters to packaging for the vanilla beer. I once even also created decorations from packaging at an event!
How long were you with them?

I worked with Janet and the team on and off for about 6 years, from when I applied to an advert online supported by local university funds. We really hit it off and I loved what Janet was creating and wanted to be involved. I even answered phones in the office while the team were away once!
What did you love most about your day?

I loved working with Janet and the LittlePod family as they are so positive and excited about what they're creating. Designing the label for the beer was a real highlight and it's great seeing how well it's been doing in the market.

Why natural vanilla?

I hate artificial flavouring! And natural vanilla (in particular the responsibly sourced LittlePod vanilla) adds so much to a variety of dishes. I've tried a lot of the recipes from the LittlePod cookbook and they really work. Be brave and try it in savoury dishes - it works with spicy dishes so well. I experimented with reducing sugar craving by smelling vanilla as part of a LittlePod initiative and it was very effective.
What have you done since leaving LittlePod?

Since working with LittlePod I've been working at design agencies in London - Aesop and Pearlfisher. I've been working on a lot of different branding and packaging projects which I love so much. At Aesop I worked with Tom Edwards (another member of the LittlePod alumni) on a variety of projects from packaging to advertising. My work at Pearlfisher now focuses on Challenger and Icon brand, so my experience working with a start-up like LittlePod is invaluable.
How did LittlePod help you to get where you are now?

Working with LittlePod gave me a great insight into small entrepreneurial challenger brands. Janet showed me the value of a strong, unique voice in a field full of loud opinions. The beauty of LittlePod is the simplicity of the product - a product of high quality with a story to work alongside that, combined with a strong brand and message.
What was your vanilla highlight at LP?

Aside from the design projects that I worked on, I met a wonderful team of people that I will stay in contact with no matter what. The entrepreneurial spirit has inspired me to share my opinions and to be unique in the overcrowded world of marketing we all live in. Stay true to your roots and always smile! Janet is one of a kind and surrounds herself with great people - I'm glad to have met so many of them.
What’s your favourite vanilla recipe?

There are so many to choose from! I organised a Macmillan coffee morning at Pearlfisher and made the Elderflower and Almond Drizzle Cake from the LittlePod cookbook - it went down VERY well! I also made my gluten free Gingerbread Horses which no one could tell were gf! Adding the LittlePod chocolate extract to a Chilli Con Carne is also a favourite tip of mine... it also works well in an Espresso Martini.