Becoming a LittlePodder – Introducing Austin

Austin for blog post

My LittlePod journey began as the company moved into their next chapter, with LittlePod receiving their Queen’s Award For Enterprise in Sustainable Development. My first day was spent celebrating with the extended LittlePod family at the marvelous garden party that was thrown when the award was presented. With delicious home-cooked delights, and champagne flowing, it was a pretty spectacular first day on the job.

In my first couple of weeks I have worked in the office and in production to get a clear vision of the company as a whole, and it’s been fantastic. I was introduced to Janet’s first intern Aisha, and we spent our workday sipping champagne in the summer sun, which from what Aisha recalled from her time here isn’t too farfetched for a day at LittlePod HQ!

I’m a musician and songwriter, who recently graduated from Bristol with a music degree. I’m a bit of a country boy really, so staying up in the city was never something I particularly fancied doing. Imagine my delight when I began working here in such a beautiful rural environment! As of September 2018 I’ll be beginning my apprenticeship in marketing. I’m thoroughly looking forward to all the adventures ahead – and I’ve even promised to make music for LittlePod!