A new year… a new me!


Isn’t this a normal reaction to the reflective days of January? New resolutions to be set and a new business plan for the year ahead. I am so glad that I spent Christmas in a bubble. A quick, four day, flip round Florence for Christmas added a perfect cultural conclusion to 2016.

Although Italy is the home of Prosecco nonetheless I did have my ‘bubbly’ evening because in December I had received the LittlePod care in abundance and was genuinely surprised and moved by the LittlePodders warmth and consideration. It was my birthday and I was showered with some lovely gifts of chocolates, flowers, candles AND a voucher gift for a day at a spa! However that was not all!

The team knew that I was spending Christmas in Florence. Knowing my penchant for a celebratory glass of champagne they very thoughtfully organised a table in a restaurant very near where I was staying where every evening there is a champagne sabering ritual that takes place. We raised a toast to them all for the bubbly beginning to our cultural indulgence in Florence!

I mustn’t get too caught up in the memory as I will not pay attention to my original statement: January is a month of new beginnings, for taking stock (or stock control in our case) and indulging in thoughts of what this year means for me... thinking of new beginnings.


This year I have not had that precious time, as 2017 arrived with a catalogue of ‘things to do’. First in the diary was the Cotswold-Fayre ‘meet the suppliers’ roadshow. Already, last week I have been to Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham to meet the customers who purchase LittlePod products from Cotswold Fayre fine food distributors. The show concept is very good and it was great to meet other companies and the farmshops and deli owners, some of whom I was able to thank for already purchasing our products. It is important and special to get feedback from the buyers and find out if there are things we can do to help them. Next week I shall be in Bracknell and Bristol, then on the 4th Feb I will be back in Canary Wharf (remembering the time we spent at Food Matters Live last November).

Meanwhile, back at the office, we are ringing the changes too. Some reorganisation is necessary to create more space and room for more training.


Yes, the diary is building up fast and people are most definitely home cooking. Apparently spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla are all trending for 2017 according to a front page article I read in the Financial Times on 23/12/16 (whilst in Florence - this is one of the opportunities free time allows) all because of ‘Hygge’. It is a Nordic lifestyle concept. The nearest word in English apparently is ‘cosiness’ ‘cosy up and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with vanilla’. Well, I do think that the Nordic countries should not monopolise that concept. It is one that must be shared. LittlePod is a cosy company and we love nothing other than to spend some time baking, taking tea and chatting. We feel that our concept of ‘slow things down to get things done’ chimes very nicely with Hygge.

Happy New Year everyone!