Janet's Jottings

The road to Il Palmento

The road to Il Palmento in the Cherry season – via the olive groves and vineyards... on HOLIDAY!

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The LittlePod Family

In truth we can only ever live in the day we are given so each day is a day of constant renewal.

There is no doubt that here at LittlePod we are constantly looking at things to celebrate.

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‘The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things.’ This quote from Lewis Carroll describes accurately how I feel putting pen to paper having allowed eight months to elapse since I last communicated via Janet’s Jottings.

Eye storm
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Made 2-square

Over the last year I have been introducing LittlePodders to our friend and vanilla farmer, Dr Made Setiawan. Here's an update on what he's been doing, and how we met originally.

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Janet recounts her memorable trip to Florence over Christmas, and sets the scene for LittlePod for 2017.

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