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    We strive to ensure that every aspect of what we’re involved in, from pod picking to package recycling, is as sustainable, ethical and conscientious as possible.

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    In the West, Vanilla has become synonymous with plainness. That's because 97% of 'vanilla flavouring' in the West is artificial and contains just 1 flavour compound.

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    The industrious team at LittlePod HQ is certainly not short of enthusiasm and creativity and we think this shows in what we produce.

  • "We're on a precipice where we could lose pure vanilla within a generation if we don't act now" - Patricia Rain, Sustainability Expert dubbed 'The Vanilla Queen' by the vanilla farmers. Find out more about the Campaign for Real Vanilla.

  • Several years ago, LittlePod’s founder Janet hosted a vanilla day for her local community in East Devon. Her friend, an expert in the vanilla industry, came along to tell people about the history and cultivation of this exotic spice.

  • The people we surround ourselves with are vital to our success, and over the years at LittlePod, we've not only had our products used and tasted by some inspiring cooks and chefs, but we've also made some wonderful friends. Here are just a few.

  • Meet Made, LittlePod's very own vanilla farmer.