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"Vanilla: Cooking with One of the World's Finest Ingredients" by Janet Sawyer

This book will show you how to use this wondrous spice in a fantastic array of cakes, such as Elderflower and Almond Cake as well as delicious desserts like Persian Rice Pudding. Why not sit back and enjoy a rich, velvety Vanilla Hot Chocolate from the drinks section? You can also inject a little bit of magic into teatime treats with the heavenly Vanilla Scones. If you’re looking for something a little different, why not try one of the sensational savoury dishes to delight and surprise your dinner guests? These dishes showcase the extraordinary versatility of vanilla – truly the king of spices.

10% of all orders goes towards community projects in the vanilla-growing region of Madagascar via Blue Ventures. Find out more about LittlePod's connection with the charitable organisation,  here .

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Vanilla: Cooking with one of the World's Finest Ingredients: